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Historical Interests

What is Cavan Burren Park?

Cavan Burren Park is one of the finest integrated prehistoric landscapes in Ireland with fine examples of megalithic tombs, stone walls, ancient rock art, glacial erratics and pre-bog walls.

Rich in archaeological and geological heritage, Cavan Burren Park affords spectacular views over Lough MacNean, Cavan and Fermanagh and the wider Global Geopark.

Located just outside Blacklion in West Cavan, visitors will enjoy exploring the visitor centre and four walking trails (inc. multi-access trail). Interpretation along the way will assist you in unravelling the intriguing layers of human history as you walk.

Visitors can also download the free APP or avail of the services of a local guide. Coach and car parking, picnic facilities and toilets are also available.

Mullagh Town (15 min drive) was the birthplace of St. Kilian in 1640 A.D. Durning his mission to what is now modern day Germany he was martyred. Today he is the patron saint of Wurzburg in Germany. His life and death are represented through artefacts and an audiovisual presentation in St. Kilians Heritage Centre.

Bring history to life at Cavan County Museum

Transporting you from the fields of the Somme back through time to the Iron Age, Cavan County Museum in Ballyjamesduff lifts history off the page and brings it to life before your eyes.
As Europe marks the centenary of the Great War, later known as World War I, the museumís WWI Trench Experience, which features a 350-metre long replica trench, gives visitors a fascinating glimpse into the conditions endured by the millions of young men who fought and died in the fields of France and Belgium, and beyond, from 1914 to 1918.
Built to the exact specifications of a British trench, visitors to this immersive, multimedia experience Ė the largest replica trench in the UK and Ireland Ė can put themselves in the shoes of a sniper waiting to strike, or an infantry soldier preparing to go over the top to an almost certain death. Itís an absorbing and deeply affecting experience, made all the more real by the fact that almost 700 men from County Cavan perished in similar conditions during the Great War.
Once youíve dug yourself out of the trenches, the museum itself; a converted convent and school; contains three storeys of rooms packed with Irish history, priceless artefacts and innovative interactive storytelling.
To partner the WWI Trench Experience, the museumís World War I exhibit features actual weapons and barbed wired reclaimed from the fields of the Somme. Time may have worn their edges away, but the experience of seeing them at first hand cuts deep nonetheless.

For more information on Cavan County Museum, visit or call 049-854 4070.

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